Are You Prepared?

So, it’s funny to me that when the weathermen warn of impending doom, I immediately think "hurricane."

As I sit and watch via social media and the nightly news, all that’s transpiring in the northeast, the only thing that comes to mind is: Holy Crap!

It doesn’t matter where you live, we are all susceptible to more extreme weather nowadays.

Be it a “Once in a Century” snowstorm or a destructive hurricane, preparation is always prudent.  Being a Floridian,I’m of the mindset that it wouldn’t hurt me to have some food and water on hand that I could use if we were to lose power for any length of time.

We have storms almost daily that produce enough rain and wind to knock out the power during the summer in Florida.

In a “hunker down” situation, the items that seemed to make the most sense to have around are things that would be easy to grab and wouldn’t require refrigeration. Well, that wouldn’t be too bad if we could eat all of the packaged stuff we used to live on. Now, things get a little trickier.

My first go-to would be a variety of nuts. Yes, nuts are high in calories and not something you should be living on, but these are special circumstances. No prep needed with these babies.

My next favorite thing to have around is flax crackers. These can be eaten as is, or you could put some almond butter, or any other nut butter on them. If you have a hard cheese, like an aged- gouda, good news, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You could put that on top of the crackers and have yourself a decadent treat.

Avocados and tomatoes are 2 things that require no refrigeration or cooking. You could slice up the two, add that gouda, some olive oil and balsamic, and you’ve got one of my staple meals.

If you have a few cans of tuna around, you could even do some tuna and avocado, and that’s another meal right there. If you add the flax crackers, it will almost be like fancy picnic. Let the rest of the family chow down on those chips and cookies while you’re enjoying your healthy meal.

Now if you are a stress eater and something like being locked up with your family for a few days sounds like the epitome of stress, this would be the time to allow yourself a little treat.

Get yourself a bar of 85% dark, organic, fair trade, non-gmo chocolate. Chocolate that dark has very little sugar and it’s hard to overdo it. You’ll get the benefits of the dopamine hopefully without releasing the full fury of the sugar monster.

I suggest this because if you are stuck in a house with people eating crap around you and you’re feeling like you might snap, this is the better option. Trust me when I say, those chips you couldn’t imagine ever eating again, they will send out their siren call to you. You see the rocks and yet, you go smashing into them anyway. Get the chocolate.

I have a couple of more things on my list. I like the idea of hard boiling some eggs beforehand so you can do a quick reach into the fridge without letting too much of the cold out. The other thing on this list is a bag of veggies already washed and cut up. Again, another quick reach and grab into the fridge and you have a healthy snack option.

We obviously can’t be prepared for everything and just do our best in any given situation.

Having the staples I mentioned around, is a good idea regardless of whether or not we are facing storms of any kind.

I think the takeaway should be that no matter what we are faced with, our choices in those moments don’t define us. In the big picture, if you do cave and eat some of those evil chips during a raging storm, it will be okay.

That holds true for most things in our lives. Whether it be a moment or a day, this is only a blip in your life. It doesn’t define you or make you weak. You do the best you can in any given moment, forgive yourself when you fail, and then pick yourself back up and start again.

And know that if I was snowed in right now, I might be hunkered down in some corner of my house, with a tight grip on my sanity and dark chocolate.