Food Police, Anyone?

I'm sure there are days my family members feel like they are living in a Food Police State. I've tried to allow my teens to have a little leeway and buy organic, gluten-free snacks, cereals and the such for them to have on occasion.

The problem arises when I expect them to have some self-control and not eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting.

Watching my boys, one in particular, eat anything with sugar is painful.

The whole sugar addiction thing is very real and I've seen it with my own eyes. I know how I react to sugar, but it's not the same as the takeover that happens with my son. Any self-regulation goes out the window. The threat of electronics being taken away isn't enough to stop the behavior. It's totally irrational, much like addiction.

I've had to get tough and lay down the law.

I informed them I was no longer contributing to this nasty sugar habit. From now on, snacks will be in the form of real food. I no longer have snacks or food in the house that I wouldn't want them eating too much of.

This means the boys are going to have to work a little harder for their food. It's much easier to grab tortilla chips and salsa and call that lunch versus taking the time to heat up leftovers, fry an egg or make a sandwich.

This isn't a punishment by any means. They are both growing like weeds and their bodies need nutrients they just aren't able to get from Kind Bars.

I have given them plenty of other things to choose from like fresh fruits and vegetables already washed and cut-up for them to be able to grab, eggs, nuts, yogurt, sandwich stuff, string cheese, dips, protein shakes, not to mention I always have leftovers from the previous night.

They won't go hungry for sure but there may be a learning curve as they are forced to prepare food and not just grab it out of a package.