When All You Can Say is "Screw It"

Sometimes it feels like the Universe is just screwing with me. I’m half-in and half-out of my 2 houses: furniture in the old house but pretty much everything else either in boxes or unpacked at the new house. And then along comes Matthew.

Forget the stress of the move, I went into survival mode and had to figure out which house would be our best option for riding out the storm... and then secure both for what was sure to be the apocalypse.

The icing on this far-from-keto cake was the thought of being locked up with the teens who, on a normal day, drive me closer to the edge of sanity. 

What kind of food do you think I bought for us in case we were stranded and without power for weeks? Crap. That’s what I bought. Total and complete crap. I then proceeded to eat said crap for 2 days. And now, I feel like crap. 

Seriously, it was a total “screw it” situation for me. I think my stress meter had been pegged and I kind of didn’t give a shit. 

As soon as we were able to get out, the first thing I did was eat some broccoli slaw with my olive oil and ginger vinegar and I felt a ton better. My body was craving something green and I couldn’t face another piece of chocolate(!). Enough said.

We got really lucky and both houses kept power and neither one sustained any real damage.

The old house had a bunch of limbs down and they are now piled up curbside, but those big oak trees didn’t come crashing into the house and that, my friend, is a complete miracle.

What I realized is that even though I freaking know what to do to prepare for events like this, I’m also aware there are times when “screw it” is totally acceptable and when things get back to normal(ha!) I can start repairing any damage done.

The big takeaway from this was that, next time I move, I’ll make sure to do it when we are safely out of Hurricane Season. 

Hoping all made it through Matthew safely!

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