Indulge and Move On

No matter what your intentions are for eating healthy going into this holiday season, there are going to be times when you decide to indulge and deal with the consequences later.

So, after the memories have been made, Instagram pics posted and the pounds on the scale proving that, yes, you did indeed have a great time over the holidays... then what?

I personally know the struggle of trying to get back into the groove of eating keto after what I like to call “vacation eating.” Take it from me, reverting back to old eating ways during the holidays can take even more of a toll and are harder to come back from.

Just like I plan my “vacation eating,” I plan my reentry back into the post-holiday season, as well. And lucky for you, I’m sharing some tried-and-true methods that work for me.

The hard truth is, these tips aren’t just for the holidays. Just like with most things in life, you’ll hit bumps (okay, maybe boulders) and it will derail you from the habits you’ve created to keep you on track.

It can happen quickly, but most times it’s an insidious decline you may never see coming. Either way, my top 3 tips will surely help you get back to the keto-lifestyle.


For some of you, this may seem totally out of the question, especially if you’re new to the ketogenic lifestyle. For those of you who have done some intermittent fasting, you know how helpful it can be to reset the body. It’s the quickest way for me to break the vicious carb or sugar cycle I may have gotten in

I personally like to go for a 24-hour liquid fast. Sometimes I make it the full 24 hours but I take anything more than 20 hours as a win. No matter how long you fast, be sure to stay super-hydrated.

Go heavy on the fats

For the first week, I concentrate on the fats, even more than usual. After the initial fast, the fats help boost the production of ketones and the sooner I get into ketosis, the less likely I’ll eat just to eat. 

I like quick-and-easy so a serving of full-fat cottage cheese with a small handful of blueberries or raspberries does the trick. The berries help ease some of the sugar cravings I inevitably have and the fat from the cottage cheese fills me up. 

Make a keto-friendly dessert

I almost always have the ingredients in my pantry to make at least one keto dessert at any given moment. I’ve learned the hard way, if I want something “sweet,” I want it now and I’ll eat anything to satisfy the craving. One of my favorite treats takes less than 10 minutes... and that includes making my own whipped cream!

Doing a detox, after the holidays or because life happened, can feel like starting all over again.

In a way, it is. But that’s okay because at least you’re starting again. I’ve had to start over numerous times over the last 2 ½ years and suspect I will continue to do so. 

My hope for you this holiday season is this: If you find yourself drawn to food that you know isn’t good for you but you still can’t stop the hand-to-mouth thing from happening, don’t beat yourself up.

Instead, enjoy the moment and every single bite 'cuz if you can’t, what’s the point?

And then, make your plan to get right back on board the keto-train and allow this new beginning to be an opportunity to take stock of your health and well-being and use that as inspiration to recommit to the ketogenic lifestyle.