Phone a Friend

We need friends. We especially need friends during periods of high-stress. As much as we like to think of the holiday season as joyous, more often than not it’s just more work added to an already-full plate (lol).

It seems as though I never have enough hours in a week for my everyday life. I start to panic a little when I think about the list of to-dos that come with the holidays. I tend to go into retreat mode - retreating from my support network - and feel like I need to go it alone. Maybe it’s the martyr in me.

In order for me to not completely lose my sanity, gain weight, and head into the new year with regret and a long list of resolutions, I know I need to surround myself with my peeps.

Specifically, my keto-peeps. 

Ask for Help 

The old Heather would have shouldered all of the food responsibility for holiday get-togethers - mainly because I was the one who had the dietary challenges. Now, I have an entire community of family and friends making healthier choices and I feel comfortable in asking them to make and bring some fabulous food we can all enjoy. 

The other bonus of having support from my group is that I know there are going to be plenty of days when my willpower is out of commission, spent entirely on not choking some random road-raged asshole. Those are the days when Christmas cookies start to call my name and I better have some people I can turn to so they can talk me off the ledge. 

I like to think of myself as the rock to people around me, but the truth is I totally have my moments. Those moments tend to be more frequent when, everywhere I turn, I’m surrounded by cookies, cakes and fudge.

Add some stress into the mix? Forget about it.

Plan Together 

This year, make a list of the people in your life you can enroll to help support you through this season of joy. Talk to them before you spiral down the path of loneliness, loathing and regret. Let them know you are there for them, too. Setting all of this up prior to a meltdown, may actually keep you from having said meltdown.

When planning dinners and get togethers, plan them with your support group so no single person is solely responsible for the food. Let your friends showcase their favorite healthy dishes while you’re making the stuff you like. By doling out some of the food responsibility, you may actually be able to slow down and enjoy these moments instead of staying in a high state of stress.

Reach Out to Me

For those of you who may not have people in your life on board with the healthier lifestyle choices you’ve made, don’t panic. There is an ever-growing community of keto-minded, sugar-free, gluten-free people and we love newcomers! 

Let me know if you happen to be new and need some extra support (you can comment on this post or email me at over the next two months - I’m here and ready to talk you off that cookie ledge.