The Sweet Potato Breakdown

Did you know that the different methods of cooking can alter the nutritional makeup of a sweet potato?

It can also change the glycemic index, which in turn causes insulin spikes.

I have had some personal experience with this phenomena. It was perplexing to me that when I would have sweet potato boiled in a stew or soup, it barely affected my ketone levels. Yet, if I had half of a baked sweet potato, it would almost throw me completely out of ketosis the next day.

Now I know why.

How cooking affects the nutritive value of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are nutrient powerhouses, especially the skin; the more colorful the flesh, the more powerful it is. .. but only when boiled.

The process of baking or steaming the potatoes causes the glycemic index to be about twice what it is in a boiled potato.

The baking and steaming also depletes the potato of nearly two-thirds of the antioxidants and causes a significant drop, about 80%, in the vitamin A levels. Not ideal. 

Most of us have been told to opt for the sweet potato because they are so good for us. And that's true! Sweet potatoes can and should be part of your diet.

But, from a health and weight standpoint, it's best to choose wisely on how you incorporate them. 

And now you know.