Keto-Friendly Dessert Go-Tos

Last week, I talked about my top 3 strategies to help get back on the keto track after going on vacation... or just “vacation eating”. 

On the list, #2 was to go heavy on the fats and #3 was to have some keto-friendly desserts on hand to help quiet the Sugar Monster. 

With two of my favorite dessert recipes, you can check the boxes for both #2 and #3.

Best part about both of these recipes is they don’t require any actual baking, just a hand-mixer and 10 minutes for prepping. Oh, and a little patience for the desserts to set.

Cheesecake Bites



In a large mixing bowl, with a hand-mixer, blend all ingredients well.

On a parchment or wax paper lined tray, drop spoonfuls of mixture onto tray.

Add any toppings and then freeze for an hour. After the first hour, you can move the tray into the refrigerator

*If you want to get all fancy, you can use a pastry bag to make your mini-cheesecakes.


Chocolate Keto Cups

chocolate keto cups.jpg



Mix together all ingredients. In a paper lined muffin tin, spoon in mixture.

Top with nut pieces and freeze for 30 mins.

That's it, folks. Easy. Delicious. And keto-friendly, to boot.

** If you're curious about which brands I use and love, I've linked some of my favorite products to Amazon. Please note, I do receive a small commission on purchases made through these links but the price is the same whether you purchase through the links or not. If you find any of these products cheaper somewhere else, more power to you! Thanks!