Taking the Lifestyle Leap

For those of you thinking about taking the plunge and making some lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle, this is for you.

Making it Stick

I find that whenever I try to implement new things into my life, no matter what it is, I need to have the discipline of a monk, especially during those first few weeks, in order for the changes to stick.

I'm reminded of this every time I add something new into my routine.

Back in February, I started a 21-day yoga challenge and by day 3, I found myself too busy to do the 15-minute routine. Seriously???

Day 4 was a different story because I really wanted to make it a permanent part of my daily routine, so even though it was 11pm before I found time, I did it.

The payoff was immediate. I felt my whole body loosen up and my spirit lightened. Part of it was the actual yoga, but an even bigger part of it was because I had follow-through. 

Just wanting something isn't enough to manifest it. Change and growth require a constant state of doing instead of wanting.

A Plan for Success

It’s all fine and good to decide to make lifestyle changes, ketogenic or otherwise, but having a plan on how to implement those changes is imperative.

Set aside some time to map out your journey. Get your support system in place because you’ll need people around you who support what you’re doing. There will be plenty of naysayers who will try to derail your success.

When it comes to life changes, no need to take the road less-traveled. Getting yourself a coach or partnering with someone who has made the changes already is priceless. The same struggles and strife have already been experienced by someone else, so take advantage of their wisdom and strategies to lessen your own learning curve.

It's the Little Things

If you're anything like me, it's easy to get gung-ho in the beginning of most things. The excitement of the changes to come are enough to get me motivated.

Sometimes, that motivation is enough to carry me through that crucial 2-month period to develop it into a habit, and sometimes... not so much. 

Yep, 2 months, not 21 days like we’ve been told. 8 weeks versus 3 weeks is a huge leap. What this means is that if there is something you want to add or to change in your life, you'll really need to give it all you've got for 60 days. 

During those 60 days, you'll develop habits that will hopefully carry you through periods in your life when you may not be as vigilant as you should be. When you hit a bump and get derailed, those habits you developed will help you get back on track without losing too much momentum.

Whatever changes you’re looking to make, remember to be kind to yourself. Change is hard.

Hard but totally worth it.

Hoping you all make the leap!