Stories From The Edge: "Purse Nuts"

As many of you may know, along with living a ketogenic lifestyle, I practice intermittent fasting on a daily basis. My fasts range from 16-20 hours... most of the time falling somewhere close to the 18-hour mark. 

The days I fast longer are usually planned and I prepare the day before by having loads of good fats: I eat things filled with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocado or macadamia nuts and seeds. And of course, there is always my MCT oil that I take daily.

Trying to do an extended fast without eating well the previous night can lead to acts of desperation. Trust me.

So, the other day I was out with my youngest teen, errand running and an appointment with a doctor (who, of course, was running extremely late)... and then we got caught in some unusually heavy early-day traffic. 

As I was at a standstill on I-4, I realized I was going into hour 21 of an unintentionally long fast.

I knew I needed to eat something soon because I was starting to get a headache. I grabbed my purse and started digging through it, looking for my emergency stash of nuts I keep on hand for situations just like this.

And I came up empty. 

Panic started to set in and, of course, it didn’t help that my head was pounding a little more with each passing minute. I was sure there were nuts in there. There had to be

So I kept digging and swearing and then, like magic, my fingers felt almonds at the bottom of my purse. Now mind you, they weren’t in a baggie. Just some nuts, with a little bit of lint that I could easily brush off. And with a quick glance to my son and a maniacal laugh, I popped them into my mouth. 

My son just sat there in disbelief. He had obviously never been that desperate.

“Purse nuts” took on a whole new meaning that day. 

Let this serve as a cautionary tale to all: No matter how long you plan on being out for, always expect the unexpected. Keep your own baggie of nuts on hand for emergency eating.

And when you have to dip into your stash, be sure to re-up before walking out the door. If not, you may find yourself thinking “Oh, what the hell? It’s just a little lint and they’ve probably only been in there for a few weeks.”