Using Your Fear of Change as Fuel for Change

For many, the thought of talking to a virtual stranger, monthly, about something as personal as health and weight, can be paralyzing. If you fall into that camp, and are seriously considering joining either my 3 or 6 month coaching packages anyway, kudos to you.

When I first started down the ketogenic road, I was afraid, too.

I was overwhelmed with fear.

I could fail.

What if I did everything right and didn’t get the results other people had with keto? The idea of being that kind of epic failure almost kept me from the life I was meant to have. Almost.

Many of you would probably never guess, but I’m afraid a lot.

Every time I get ready to go live for What’s Up Wednesday, I get butterflies. I come up with a million excuses to get out of going on.

Right up until the "Go Live" button is pressed, I’m borderline nauseous. But instead of letting that fear control me, I use it to fuel me into my next great moment. I channel the adrenaline as it rushes through my veins and I’m filled with a sense of calmness and control.

Each and every time I’ve faced my fears, I’ve come out on the other side feeling like I’m the hero of my own story. It’s gotten to the point where I actually welcome the fear and I’ve learned to feed off of it. I say,”Bring it on!”

My theory is that if you go through your life and aren’t afraid - a lot - then you’re probably not doing it right.

Change and growth don’t happen when you play it safe. It takes feeling the fear, recognizing it for what it is, and then doing the thing you’re most afraid of, to propel you into your own greatness.

I challenge you to feel the fear and do it anyway (unless it involves jumping out of planes or off of bridges... those are totally acceptable fears in my book!). Commit to yourself and a new way of being. You might soon discover you are stronger, more capable and courageous than you give yourself credit for.

Go be the hero in your own story!

From one hero to another-

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