Coming Into the Light

A few weeks back, I wrote about some life challenges I’ve been dealing with and had an overwhelming response from many of you. Thank you.

It’s not an uncommon reaction to try to minimize situations instead of dealing with them head-on. Like, maybe if I’m really quiet, it will all go away.

What ends up happening to me when I do that is I start to feel like everything in my life is unraveling and I’m hanging on by a string.

If you are making some big lifestyle changes, this may sound all too familiar...

It's okay to not be fine

The way to stop the insanity is to acknowledge that the struggle is real and go from there.

I know from personal experience, it’s easy to hide from the people around me and pretend like all is well when inside, I’m barely able to keep it together.

The minute I share and open up to the people closest to me, I can breathe a little easier. It’s hard enough to battle my own inner demons let alone put on an “I’m fine” face for everyone else. That stuff right there will keep me up at night and I’ve had too many sleepless nights in this lifetime.

Getting honest and real usually goes along with a dose of humility for me - it’s hard to be the type of person that feels the need to have her shit together at all times.

Funny husband usually knows more about what’s going on with me than I do. Most of us are lucky enough to have that one person in our lives who knows us better than anyone, and would be supportive if we just reached out and acknowledged where we are at.

When you shine light into the darkness, you see you're not alone

 When I had my meltdown, the breakthrough came when I confronted the darkness, got real with my husband and told him I needed some extra love and encouragement, and then took some big steps to get into action. 

By speaking my truth to the hubs, I was able to then have the courage to tell others around me because I had already shed light into my dark places.

The more people I told, the more I realized I had a tribe behind me, willing to hold me up until I found my own footing again.

Whether you realize it or not, you too, have a tribe willing to hold you up. I’m here and I have no doubt there are others in your life just waiting to be there for you as well.

You can totally reach out to me, but first, tell the people around you. Get vulnerable and real so they are aware of what you need from them. Sometimes, all you need from them is some extra "atta-girls" or a lock on the fridge. 

For those of you who reached out to me and shared your struggles, I want to acknowledge your bravery.

I have no doubt that the emails you wrote were difficult, if not damned near impossible, to send. I also hope a little light was shed into your dark place.

Now, imagine how much lighter you’d feel if you opened up to those closest to you? The sooner you do, the sooner you can get into action and transform your life into the one you are trying to create.