Avocado: The Good Fat


As of Tuesday of next week, most children will be back at school. For the parents, this usually signals the beginning of new routines and more focus on yourself and your own wants and needs.

If you are trying to make clean eating and the ketogenic life part of that new routine, I want to let you in on a not-so-secret weapon - the avocado.

Any of my past or present clients will tell you, I preach the avocado gospel. Finding different ways to incorporate at least some avocado into your day will help you fill up on the good fats without trading fat for calories. 

Keto and Fat

The ketogenic diet consists of getting a good amount of fats like those found in things like avocado, grass-fed butter, mct oil, coconut oil, olive oil and smaller portions of some nuts. Dairy is high in  fat but tends to be calorie-dense, along with nuts, which is why these need to be portioned out and eaten sparingly.

If you’re filling up on foods that are full of fat but not high in calories, there is no need to calorie count. It’s hard to eat too much and blow through a day’s worth of calories if you’re concentrating on getting fats from sources other than dairy and nuts. Just think about how easy it is to sit down to a nice wedge of aged gouda and how quickly it can disappear.

When I first transitioned into the keto world, I found myself gravitating towards avocados for a number of reasons. They were inexpensive, easy to prep, and filling. I had no idea that by being inherently lazy, or scared to try other things, I was actually helping the weight-loss/health-gain process.


Back then, my lunch consisted of a whole avocado, grass-fed cheese, tomato, spicy olive oil and apple cider vinegar. It took all of 5 minutes to put together and then another 5 minutes to eat. It wasn’t much and it sure wasn’t fancy; however, that little meal kept me full right up until dinner. And I have no doubt that it also jump-started my health and helped me to lose more weight in a shorter period of time. 

These days, I’m still eating that avocado but I have at least a dozen different meals I add it into instead of relying on just one thing.

Benefits of Avocado

Besides providing a big boost of healthy fats, some of the benefits of eating avocados include:

  • weight loss
  • controls blood pressure
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • high in nutrients 
  • improved nutrient absorption from other foods
  • prevents  diabetes
  • pain relief
  • fights inflammation
  • eye health
  • cancer fighting
  • super food for pregnant mothers
  • strong bones
  • improves digestion
  • improves your mood

Can you imagine if Big Pharma was able to put all of this into a pill, what they would charge for it? Luckily, avocados are about $1.50 each and you don’t need to spend the extra money for the organic version

Avocados themselves aren’t the most exciting things to eat but, as you can see, there are still plenty of reasons to get your avocado on.