Weight-Loss, Wellness, and Well-Being

As far as I’m concerned, choosing to eat well is only the beginning of self-care. It’s a HUGE step and it lays the groundwork for us to make other changes in our lives. When we fuel our bodies with real, living food it elevates us to another level. It’s the launching pad for loving ourselves even more. It’s the “more” that can be challenging.

When people think of self-care, they often think about things like working out, eating well, getting the elusive 8 hours of sleep or even a luxurious spa day. I believe the real self-care comes in the form of learning how to say no and setting boundaries with the people in our lives. 

Over-committing and Boundaries 

How many times have you committed to doing something and felt like it was a burden? Or worse, overcommitted to many things and felt like the weight of the world was sitting on your chest when you try to close your eyes at night?

-- Do you allow people in your life to take priority over your wants and needs? 

-- Do people feel like it’s their place to tell you how to live your life?

-- Especially when it comes to food...do people feel the need to interject and give their unsolicited opinion about the food you eat or don’t eat?

-- Do you draw a line in the sand and then retreat because it feels easier to back off then stand your ground?

Like I say, I write what I know and this week is no different

The last two months have been jam-packed with program launches, holidays and birthday parties, a parade of non-stop out-of-town family and friends, recipe creating along with the usual craziness that is my life. This is all leading up to a much-needed vacation... but time off means I’m having to work even more now. 

I had to take a long, hard look at all of the things I’ve committed to, with good intentions mind you, and see where I needed to reel it in. I get gung-ho and think I can handle it all. I want to be everything to everybody but that leaves me feeling empty and overwhelmed.

Drawing Your Line in the Sand

I’ve also come to the realization this week that I need to set boundaries in order to live the life I deserve to have. That means saying no to things unless it’s a “Heck Yes!” The things that light me up are the things that aren’t going to leave me worn out or resentful for doing them... and don’t we all want a little more of that in our lives?

This last week was full of uncomfortable moments when I had the difficult conversations about what I can and can’t do going forward, but I know that by getting uncomfortable I’m heading in the direction of growth and ready for the next level of self-love and self-care.

There are many of you who have started down the road to healthier eating now that you know what eating well looks like. Now, more than ever, it is important to establish boundaries with the people around you. 

You’re beginning a massive transformation so be sure you are leaving some room in your life for self-care. That means standing tall in your truth by setting boundaries and saying no when it would serve you to. 

You are enough just as you are and by honoring your needs first, you’ll experience some real self-love. 

This Keto-world is more than just weight-loss and wellness. The well-being comes when you are at peace with yourself. Finding that peace means being your own advocate. So go ahead and draw that line in the sand and then stand tall.