Remembering Where You Came From

My husband just shared a memory on Facebook from last year when he had to take my son to the Guns N Roses concert as his plus-one because I was down with Mono. I was out of commission and remember feeling helpless and hopeless - sick beyond anything I had felt in years.

See, once upon a time, I was chronically ill, always fighting something or other. If it wasn’t some kind of virus or bug, it was something requiring surgery - 14 of them over 20 years, to be exact.

I had gotten so comfortable in my new keto-life that I had forgotten where I had started and how bad things really were before I made the commitment to change everything in order to be everything I wanted to be.

When I was sitting on the sidelines of my life, once again, I had to get real with myself.

The hard truth was that I had gotten so far away from what kept me healthy (and happy) by letting the habits I had created fall to the wayside... justifying all the while that it was just a little of this or a little of that and, in the grand scheme of things, wouldn’t really hurt me.


I knew this! Why was it so easy to get away from the sturdy foundation I built?

A Little Becomes a Lot

I can tell you it didn’t happen overnight. It was a series of compromises I made during the preceding months. I had so much going on: parties, vacation eating, nights out with the girls, not wanting to cook... along with other excuses I bought into.

All of those little slips became the undoing of my health and well-being

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating (mostly for myself): This way of life works only if I’m committed to doing it all the way. And this was my wake-up call. It just took getting Mono to get my attention.

Eating well most of the time won’t get me the same results that fully embracing the lifestyle does. And it’s not even like it’s in direct proportion either. Doing well 75% of the time won’t give me 75% of results. It’s all or nothing.

Think about grass-fed beef. Even if the cows eat grass for 80% of the time, if they are finished on grains, it completely takes away any of the health benefits it gained while grazing on grass.

Don’t be that cow.

I had truly forgotten what it was like to be sick almost every day when that was the norm for the first 45 years of my life. Over 3 years ago, I created habits that included eating fermented foods, prepping meals in advance, abstaining completely from grains and sugar, limiting coffee to 1 and only the fatted-up kind, very little alcohol, shots of apple cider vinegar, avocado for lunch daily,occasional juicing, recipes with bone broth made at least once a week, limiting eating out to a few times a month, setting times to do some vacation eating, like while actually on vacation, meditation daily, and most of all, feeling joy everyday that I woke up healthy. 

It wasn’t impossible to get back there - the place of wellness, weight-loss and well-being.

Taking Responsibility and Moving Forward

The hardest part was admitting to myself that I was responsible for the mess I created with my health, or lack thereof. Initially I played dumb with myself like, “How did this happen? I’m doing everything right.”

But that was total bullshit. I knew it. My body doesn’t lie.

I was able to ignore some of the signs but when my glands looked like I was storing nuts for a long winter, I couldn’t stay in denial any longer.

I’ve recently had some of my long-time clients share some of this same pain. They’ve seen some of the weight come back on, which is not the worst thing to happen in and of itself. But when they started comparing blood work  over that same time period, they saw their hard work to have a healthier body start to slip. That was their “Oh, Shit” moment.

If this has happened to you, just know you can get it all get back and return to your happy place. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to require diligence and vigilance.

The good news is once you get back to what worked, you’ll be less likely to be so cavalier about letting things slide again. 

Not to say it won’t happen. Time has a way of distorting our memories and sometimes it takes reliving the pain all over again to remind us of why we continue to choose this way of life.

I’m sending you love and courage to face your own truths.