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Indulge and Move On

No matter what your intentions are for eating healthy going into this holiday season, there are going to be times when you decide to indulge and deal with the consequences later.

So, after the memories have been made, Instagram pics posted and the pounds on the scale proving that, yes, you did indeed have a great time over the holidays... then what?

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Find a New Favorite Appetizer

As the party invitations begin to flood in, or get sent out, the menus become the main focus for these holiday get-togethers. Whether you are throwing your own bash, or are invited to partake in the obligatory "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party, food is always high on the priority list.

Having some easy, keto-friendly, belly-filling appetizers to dazzle your guests, or hosts, with will go a long way in helping you stay in your keto-lane.

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