What's it Going to Take?

I’ve just wrapped up the launch of my free Get Keto Clear in 5 Days series and from the responses I’ve gotten, I’d say there are quite a few of you ready to make the commitment and jump into the keto life.

I’m waiting with open arms to embrace you into this healthier way of being. But first, let me tell you what it’s going to take…
You’re going to need to dig deep. This isn’t for the faint of heart. Making any lifestyle changes takes grit and a can-do attitude. The people that thrive are the ones that don’t give up and quit when things get hard. Spoiler alert: Things will be hard...at times. And then it will be easy. And then it will get hard again.

But isn’t that life? Just don’t give up before you’ve even given yourself a chance to reap all of the benefits.
You’re going to need to have a backbone and some patience while your body is making the switch from glucose burner to fat burner. You may experience cravings and crashes, so trust me when I say that there are going to be plenty of opportunities to cheat and backslide into old habits if you don’t know what to do during the conversion.
You’re going to need tools, like easy recipes and meal plans with shopping lists ready to go. The last thing you want to do is leave things up to chance and hope for the best. Knowing what to eat before you get hungry, and having it at the ready, will help you make better choices instead of finding yourself starving and trying to figure out what to do. No good comes from eating out of desperation.  

You’re going to need to make a plan and plan for all occasions. Before you step out of the house, know what you’re going to do when faced with things like parties and other social gatherings. There are times where you may need to eat before you go and that’s okay. Better to be safe than sorry.
And most importantly, you’re going to need support. There are always going to be haters and people that want to see you fail. You need to surround yourself with people that want you to succeed and are cheering for you along your journey.

No need to navigate these foreign waters on your own, especially when you can benefit from the experience of others that have come before you. 
So now that you know what it takes, do you think you’re ready to make the commitment?

If the answer is yes, I’m here and excited to welcome you into this space of wellness and well-being.

If the answer is not yet, cool, I totally get it. You have the information and when you are ready, I’ll still be here.