If you are new to the Keto World, you are in the right place. I put this plan together with newbies in mind but if you have tried to do this on your own and struggled, no worries, I’ve got you covered too.  I’ll be taking you through the first 28 days of getting started on your very own keto journey.

Armed with the knowledge and the know-how, you’ll be a keto warrior in no time.

This is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of making a major lifestyle change. This really is a mind, body, spirit shift.

WEEK 1: Mindset

WEEK 1: Mindset

WEEK 2: Preparation

WEEK 2: Preparation

WEEK 3: Detox

WEEK 3: Detox

WEEK 4: Keto Warrior

WEEK 4: Keto Warrior

Wrap UP Video

Wrap UP Video

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What to expect

    Week 1 is a time for you to get into the headspace it’s going to take in order for you to have the success you not only want, but totally deserve. During this week, you’re going to be doing some homework.

    In Week 2, we will attack the most important room of your house-the kitchen. The kitchen, and all the food in it, will be the key to you thriving in this keto life. I’ll help you set up your kitchen to be keto-friendly so no matter what you choose to eat, you’ll be able to stay in your low-carb lane.

    Week 3 is the much anticipated Detox Week. I’ll be taking you through the process but with the preparation you put in from the previous weeks, you will be mentally and physically ready to rise up and meet this necessary challenge. You’ll say, “Bring it!” and mean it.

    And finally, Week 4 will be the week for reflection and celebration. You’ll have a solid program put in place for you to achieve whatever health or weight goals you put out there for yourself.

    Over the next 28 days, your life as you know it now  will change in numerous ways:

    • Aches and pains will start to diminish.
    • Struggling to pull up those pants or get the buttons together  will be ghosts of “diets” past.
    • Energy for days. No more sleepwalking through your life.
    • You’ll begin to make connections and learn how your magnificent body responds to real food.

    How it works

    Zero to Keto is a 28-day, step-by-step program that takes you from knowing very little (or nothing) about  ketogenics  to building a solid foundation of  mindset;  preparedness of your surroundings; a cleansed body; an experienced support system; and easy, delicious meals that will set you up for success.

    Each week, you will follow the guidelines set  for that 7 days. Watch the video, do the homework, and practice, practice, practice everything you're learning along the way.

    A personal note

    It's very important that you follow this program from Week 1 to Week 4 in order of how I've set it up for you. 

    Keto works. But just like anything in life: It works when you do. You have to commit. You have to follow through. You have to act. Please don't let this be another thing you want with all of your heart that gets set aside because it's challenging and your resistance kicks in.

    You can do this. 

    I remember when I first embarked on my own journey, I felt like I might miss certain foods, like bread and sweets. What I found was that by getting creative in the kitchen, I now only get the occasional twinge of feeling like I’m missing out.

    Having meals that you look forward to will help alleviate any feelings of deprivation. I promise.

    I know you are going to love all the food you actually get to eat . With my easy and delicious recipes, “What’s for dinner?” will no longer be a thing. And with the shopping list to go with them, no more excuses to keep you from your goals of health, weight-loss, and well-being.