Fat Fueled Mornings: Breakfast the Keto Way

This week's episode of What's Up Wednesday is all about breakfast, or breaking your fast, and the best way to do it. 

Over on the blog this week, I'm sharing two super-simple, super-delicious recipes that are sure to fill you up for a lot longer than you may be used to, especially if you're eating a typical American breakfast now.

Listen in to hear how fat in the morning can be your best choice of the day!

Why the Quality of Meat is so Important and What to Look For

Today is a really important topic that I hope you will take the time to fully listen to. I'm talking about why the quality of meat is so important and what I look for when I shop for meats at the grocery store. Get a notepad, your favorite pen or pencil, and take some notes on how you can make some changes at the store that will affect your family in a positive way for years to come.

Magnificent Magnesium: Why You Need It and How to Take It

As you make the lifestyle shift into ketogenics, you may start to find that the increase of whole foods in your diet facilitates some positive changes in your health.

Some people, myself included, are able (under the supervision of your doctor, of course) to ween themselves off of medications and turn to food as medicine. This is a great moment I wish for all of you.

Coming Into the Light: Acknowledging Overwhelm and Reaching Out

We all experience fear and overwhelm at some time in our lives. Many of us default to stuffing our feelings and putting on our "I'm fine" face. Not because we're consciously trying to hide, but because oftentimes we don't even realize what's going on in the moment.

Listen in to hear how I go from feeling alone in the dark to shining the light into my scary places.

The Importance of Reading Labels

I know you've been there... you bring home something you THINK is healthy from the grocery store only to find out you've been had. Food manufacturers and marketers know the buzzwords that get us to buy and a lot of us still believe that if it says it's gluten-free, organic, all-natural, sugar-free, or healthy, it is.

But until you find a brand you can trust, you have to ALWAYS read the labels... no matter what the packaging says.

Keto Lemon Garlic Chicken and Scary High Pressure Cookers

Have you ever really wanted a kitchen appliance...and then were scared to use it once you did?

Yup, that's me. Got an Instant Pot for Christmas and hid it away in the deepest cupboard I could find. 

But thank goodness I finally got brave and confronted my fear of pressure cookers because I made the most delicious Keto Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe in my Instant Pot! It was so good, you guys.

You can find the recipe over on my blog here!

Weight-Loss Stalls & Plateaus

Whether you've just started the ketogenic lifestyle or you've been doing it for a few months (or years), weight-loss stalls and plateaus are a frustrating reality. But here's a little secret: Once you understand why they're happening and what YOUR trigger is, you can break through them in no time... and kickstart your body into an even deeper fat-burning mode!

Read more here.

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Fight Through the Fear

We all feel it from time to time... that feeling of fear that keeps us paralyzed. Keeps us from doing the things we really want to do.

Well, fear's not going anywhere, so how do you get past it and get moving? You have to feel the fear, make friends with it, and use it to fuel the next great moment in your life!

I talk more about this over on the blog HERE.

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Cancer and the Carb Link

Today's topic is a difficult, but important, one for a lot of us... myself included. But, as you know, not talking about the hard stuff gets us nowhere. 

In order to learn from the hard times, we have to acknowledge them. So, today, I'm talking carbs and cancer: the link and how you can make better choices moving forward.

Also. I'm offering my Reboot Guide and Feed Your Soul Food Journal to ya'll for FREE with a special coupon code! 

It's Time to Get Busy and Back on Track!

The holidays are over and, if you're anything like me, your body is screaming to get back on track and start eating better and taking better care of yourself! I know that's where I'm at right now.

Luckily, my body responds quickly after living the ketogenic lifestyle for awhile now... I've already gotten my eating on track and the scale is showing me the benefit of all of the healthy fats, organic veggies, and grass-fed meat I incorporate into my keto recipes.

Surviving the Holidays & Staying Keto Episode 3: Indulge (If You Must) and Move On

I'm here to share another Holiday Survival Tip with all of you! So, you're as prepared as you can be with your own dishes and your support system in place... but what happens if you indulge in the stuffing or the cakes or the cookies or any number of other treats tomorrow?! Today's video will help you learn how to indulge and move on.