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Keto Lemon Garlic Chicken and Scary High Pressure Cookers

Have you ever really wanted a kitchen appliance...and then were scared to use it once you did?

Yup, that's me. Got an Instant Pot for Christmas and hid it away in the deepest cupboard I could find. 

But thank goodness I finally got brave and confronted my fear of pressure cookers because I made the most delicious Keto Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe in my Instant Pot! It was so good, you guys.

You can find the recipe over on my blog here!

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Fight Through the Fear

We all feel it from time to time... that feeling of fear that keeps us paralyzed. Keeps us from doing the things we really want to do.

Well, fear's not going anywhere, so how do you get past it and get moving? You have to feel the fear, make friends with it, and use it to fuel the next great moment in your life!

I talk more about this over on the blog HERE.

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