Intro and Week 1

How to work WEEK 1...

  1. Watch the Intro video above (download a pdf version here)
  2. Download and print the Week 1 Guide (this is where you will find your homework and the exercises for the week)
  3. Download Ketogenic Solutions
  4. Download and print the Feed Your Soul Food Journal
  5. Make sure you've joined our private Facebook group so you can catch the Live videos and to share your successes and struggles with me and the group (there's going to be a ton of bonus material and videos, so don't skip this step!)

Are you ready to get started?

Week 1 is a time for you to get into the headspace it’s going to take in order for you to have the success you not only want, but totally deserve. During this week, you’re going to be doing some homework

We're not going to start overhauling everything you're currently eating just yet. This week is more about understanding, "Why Keto?" with a focus on honing in on your why. Having said that, you can download a Keto-Friendly Food List, if you would like to start incorporating some better choices now.

Next week, we'll start going through your kitchen and preparing you for Detox Week!