Week 2: Preparation

How to work WEEK 2...

  1. Watch the video above for my guided walk-through of Week 2
  2. Download and print the Week 2 Guide (this is where you will find your homework and the exercises for the week)
  3. Download the hand-picked recipes with shopping lists I have chosen for your transition into eating keto
  4. For even more culinary inspiration, download my recipe book, Kickin It In the Kitchen
  5. If you haven't already, download and print the Feed Your Soul Food Journal
  6. Make sure you've joined our private Facebook group so you can catch the Live videos and to share your successes and struggles with me and the group (there's going to be a ton of bonus material and videos, so don't skip this step!)
  7. And just in case you missed it last week, here's a list of keto-friendly foods
  8. Check out the bonus video on MCT oil below

Are you ready to set yourself up for success?

In Week 2, we will attack the most important room of your house - the kitchen. The kitchen, and all the food in it, will be the key to you thriving in this keto life. I’ll help you set up your kitchen to be keto-friendly so no matter what you choose to eat, you’ll be able to stay in your low-carb lane.

Next week is Detox Week! With the changes you're implementing now, you'll find that it is much easier to stick to your commitment to a better life. Don't worry, I've got you.


1. MCT Oil

2. How to Make Fatted-Up Coffee

Heather shows you how to make her famous keto-friendly fatted-up coffee. You can find links to all of the ingredients by clicking here.